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News – Apprenticeships And Employment

Here is the news on apprenticeships and employment, including creative, design and digital apprenticeships and their levels.

Who knew that there were so many apprenticeships available? These are all the creative, design and digital apprenticeships out there by level.

What level apprenticeship is right for me?

There are different levels of apprenticeship – they are:

Intermediate – Level 2

Advanced – Level 3

Higher (including Degree) – Levels 4 – 7

When you’re at school or college there are often certain qualifications and grades that you have to get in order to get onto a course. Apprenticeships are different because employers can decide for themselves what entry requirements they have for their apprenticeship programmes.

As a general rule:

  • You can apply for an intermediate apprenticeship without any formal qualifications and show that you are capable of completing the programme.
  • Advanced apprenticeships will normally ask for you to have GCSEs.
  • Higher apprenticeships might include 5 GCSEs and Level 3 qualifications (some are very specific and will ask for 3 A-levels at certain grades or for specific subjects).

Functional Skills – what are they?

There are lots of different qualifications. It might be that you are studying for a Functional Skills qualification but you’re not quite sure what it is. Here’s our 30-second guide to Functional Skills.

Functional means practical. Functional Skills are qualifications in maths, English and information technology – all skills that we all need to get on at work and in life. You demonstrate the skills that you have gained through assessments that reflect everyday use.

Some people will study Functional Skills instead of a GCSE and you will see Functional Skills mentioned in apprenticeships as well as being offered at school or college. Some universities accept Functional Skills at Level 2 in place of GCSE – always check the entry requirements!

What employers think

The following information is taken from the Employer Perspective Survey 2016. Here’s what employers said.



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