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Working As An Event Planner

Event planner

Working as an event planner could make for an exciting career with lots of variety.

The job could take you all over the world and could see you making use of your creative, practical, language and technical skills.

What does an event planner do?

Event planners organise many things, including weddings, family parties, business meetings, seminars, conferences, exhibitions and awards ceremonies, music, film, book and comedy festivals.

Skills that you need for event planning

To be a successful event planner you’ll need creativity and imagination, personality and people skills, perseverance and hard work and great administrative skills for organising lists, databases, spreadsheets, managing online content, designing marketing materials and doing email campaigns.

You’ll be helping clients to identify exactly what they want to achieve – and then you’ll have to make it happen. This means researching venues, sourcing temporary staff and finding services such as catering companies, amongst many other things. An event planner will also have to meet deadlines, negotiate prices and work to a set budget.

A big part of being an event planner is ensuring that everything goes well on the day. You will need to be brilliant at remaining unfazed when problems arise and at making those problems go away so that the event is as successful as possible for your client.

You’ll be working in a team and you’ll need really good communication skills so that everybody is in the right place at the right time, doing what needs to be done.

How do you get to be an event planner?

It isn’t necessary to have a specific qualification to become an event planner but experience is vital. You could begin your career in event planning with an event assistant apprenticeship where you will learn operational, professional and commercial aspects of the job. Alternatively, you could study full time for a relevant qualification in event planning, marketing or hospitality.

If you choose to study a degree course, you’ll learn about the practical side of life as an event planner and also the theory involved in the event planning industry, like business and finance, project management and experiential marketing, which is all about creating brand experiences. You’ll also learn about the importance of social media for an event planner which you’ll use to promote events and as a marketing tool, during and after an event.




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