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Manufacturing And Engineering Career Paths

manufacturing and engineering careers

By choosing manufacturing and engineering career paths, you could work in anything from aerospace, to music, biotechnology, film, or food and drink.

Demand for skilled workers in engineering and manufacturing is high, so following a manufacturing and engineering career path  is well worth considering.

Manufacturing and Engineering Careers in the UK

Engineering accounts for a quarter of all UK turnover. The industry is progressing quickly, with new technologies being developed every day. Due to this rapid success and expansion, three-quarters of companies have reportedly had trouble finding the right workers in the last three years – so there’s lots of opportunities.

Job Prospects

Whilst this might be bad news for the companies, it means great employment prospects for young aspiring engineers who are willing to put the work in.

Career Paths and Options in Manufacturing and Engineering

When it comes to choosing a career path, it’s easy to pick one area, and end up forcing yourself into a tight market, without much room for movement. If you’re looking to avoid this and gain experience that can be applied across a range of industries, perhaps a career in manufacturing and engineering is for you.

You could work in anything from aerospace, to music, biotechnology, film, or food and drink. Maybe you want to help save the planet. Well, with a career which involves manufacturing products that use renewable energy you could do your bit whilst earning yourself a reasonable salary.

The future

I know what you’re thinking though; you thought that ‘the robots’ were taking all of the jobs in manufacturing, and nothing was left for us inefficient human beings. Well you’d be right…partially. You see, whilst it’s correct that machines are responsible for the vast majority of production nowadays, it is also true that somebody has to design and maintain those robots. In fact, there’s a whole load of new jobs coming in each day along with technological advancements. You just need to be the right worker for the job.

How to begin your manufacturing or engineering career

You could take the academic route, opting to study A-levels (STEM subjects are desirable) followed by a degree in engineering or an associated subject.

You don’t have to take the academic route however. Instead, you could study on a vocational course or opt for an engineering apprenticeship instead, receiving on-the-job training, whilst working towards a qualification and earning a wage. However you choose to get there, careers in this sector can be very rewarding – in both money and job satisfaction terms.

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