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Astronomical Aerospace Careers

Aerospace Careers

Aerospace is a huge UK industry. We take a look at how various subjects fit with aerospace careers. When you hear aerospace careers you could be forgiven for thinking only of engineering and manufacturing roles. The aerospace industry like all others relies on lots of people working in many different area and roles. We explore how a variety of subjects ... Read More »

What can I do with a business degree?

Business Degree

Some people are drawn to a career in business but you may not be certain exactly what you can do with a business degree so let’s take a look. A career in business can mean many things and you could work in any industry. Studying for a business degree can be combined with gaining a professional qualification that is specific ... Read More »

Can I get a career in law if I’ve studied for a business degree?

career in law

Many people choose to study law at university with a view to going into a career in law. Others study something like business and then wonder – can I get a career in law? Well – yes, it is possible however to convert your business degree or another degree through a law conversion course in order to enter a career ... Read More »

Working In Business Administration

business administration

All businesses need to operate smoothly, things need to be organised, done, monitored and recorded and this is the job of business administration staff. Business administration is a broad term that refers to all the tasks that are completed within a business that ensure the business achieves its objectives; business administration staff are the people that make it happen. There ... Read More »

Working in senior management

Choices After A Levels

If a career in a leadership, supervisory or senior management role is what you want, read on to find out how to make this happen. Having employees with good management skills is very important to all businesses and often employers will ask for specific professional qualifications when recruiting. So, how can you prepare for a career in senior management? Many ... Read More »

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