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Where can I find companies offering apprenticeships in England?

Companies offering apprenticeships in England

Apprenticeships are available nationwide.  Looking at England alone, there are 250,080 businesses offering apprenticeships for 2014/15, across all regions.  This number increased from 239,560 in 2013/14.

The region with the greatest number of companies offering apprenticeships is the North West, with 41,840 businesses. This is closely followed by the South East, which has 35,390 businesses engaged with offering apprentice jobs.

A full breakdown of the number of companies by region offering apprentices can be found below.  It is worth noting that all regions have seen a rise in the number of businesses taking on apprentices.

companies offering apprenticeships in England

The number of apprentice starts by region in 2013/14 also saw the North West and South East with the greatest number.

apprentices by region

Apprenticeships by region

Apprenticeships exists in 12 different sector areas: arts, media and publishing; business, administration and law; construction, planning and the built environment; education and training; engineering and manufacturing technologies; health, public services and care; information and communication technology; leisure, travel and tourism; retail and commercial enterprise and science and maths.

Obviously, if you live in the West Midlands, you might be interested to know what apprenticeships are available in Birmingham for example. It’s good to know what type of apprenticeships are available where you live (or want to live).

Some of these sectors are covered well in most regions, but region by region there are variances as to which apprenticeships are offered more widely.  For example:

The greatest number of Arts, media and publishing apprenticeships are offered in London, which makes sense as so much of this industry is London-based.

Business, administration and law apprenticeships are offered very widely across all regions, but the region offering the most is the North West.

Apprenticeships in construction, planning and the built environment are not as great in volume as business, but again the greatest number is offered in the North West region; likewise for education and training apprenticeships, health, public services and care, leisure, travel and tourism and retail and commercial enterprise apprenticeships.

Engineering apprenticeships again are quite well represented in all regions. The majority of engineering and manufacturing apprenticeships though are found in the West Midlands, quickly followed by the South East region.

Apprenticeships in IT are far fewer than those in business, engineering, health and public services and retail and the South West, South East and North West regions offers more IT apprenticeships than other regions.

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