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An apprenticeship? Seriously?

an apprenticeship

Research carried out in the last month suggests that very few students are being advised that an apprenticeship is a valid option when they leave school.

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In a recent YouGov survey commissioned by leading work-based learning specialist JTL and two of its partners, less than 1 in 12 students reported that they had been advised to consider a work-based apprenticeship after leaving school. In contrast 85% of students are being encouraged to go into further or higher education. Just 3% were advised to seek a job.

It’s a situation JTL has been aware of for several years and it has been out there striving to get the message across to young people – and to careers advisers and parents – that today’s apprenticeships are excellent work-based opportunities that lead to a worthwhile qualification, can lead to a lifelong career in a professional trade, in a job where their expertise will be highly needed and well paid. Indeed, many JTL apprentices go on to own their businesses and then take on apprentices of their own. One advantage of apprenticeships is that you are employed by a company and paid while you learn – no student loans to pay back. JTL is sending apprentice ambassadors into schools across England and Wales to share their experiences of apprenticeships.

JTL specialises in providing apprenticeships for electricians and heating and plumbing apprentices – both professions that are desperate for newly qualified individuals – both boys and girls – to come into the sector to replace the huge number of electricians and plumbers who are due to retire over the next ten years. In the UK, we are currently very reliant on workers from Europe who have come into the UK to fill the vacancies. With Brexit on the horizon, we do not know what their situation will be in two years’ time – but we do know that many are already heading for home, leaving the UK under supplied with good quality electricians and plumbers. For many young people, university will of course be the right option, but JTL is seeing huge numbers of bright young people with excellent exam results who feel they have had enough of academic work and want to do something practical, where they can start to earn a living.

There are some fantastic opportunities out there for young people to start an apprenticeship and embark on a career in a highly skilled and well paid job,” says JTL’s Head of Marketing Cathie Foster. “However, schools need to do more to highlight the benefits of apprenticeships and we look forward to working with them on this agenda.”

Watch the video to find out how JTL celebrate their apprentices

By Cathie Foster, Head of Marketing JTL

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