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Top 10 Careers Advice Articles August 2016

Top 10 Careers Advice Articles

Here’s a quick gallop through the top 10 careers advice articles and information pages from the Moving On magazine site for August 2016.

At the time of year when young people are collecting exam results, leaving school or college and thinking about their future, it is always interesting to see what information that they want to get their hands on.

1 Results Day Information

At number one was our Results Day Guide, which this year we produced in conjunction with Not Going to Uni. It’s not surprising that many of you wanted to read this; it covered just about everything that you needed to know for both GCSE results day and A Level results day too, including how to cope on the day, what to do after GCSEs, what living at university is really like and what your different qualification and training options are – and all this alongside some great features on careers.

2 Brands Teens Love

At number two was our article on brands that teenagers love, including your favourite foods, drinks, clothing and technology.

3 Careers Events for School Leavers

It seems that you are all keen to find out where careers events are taking place, which is great, because careers events offer a good opportunity to meet employers, training providers and other experts who can tell you all about working in industry and how to get your dream job. You’ll be able to catch us at the Birmingham Skills Show this year, so you’ll be able to pick up any copies of the printed magazine that you want – come say hi to us and if you’re interested in writing for the magazine for a bit of work experience then bring along your CV.

4. Engineering Bursaries For Six Promising Engineers Available

Engineering is always a popular topic and finding information on engineering bursaries that might help you to fund your career pathway was a popular choice.

5. Chemical Engineering

As I say, engineering is always a popular topic and it seems that many of you were keen to find out exactly what chemical engineering is by reading our feature by student writer James Churchill. Incidentally, James has done very well for himself post writing for Moving On and has since written for Retro magazine.

6.What To Do After College

At number six was our feature on options open to you after college, which perhaps isn’t surprising at around results time, when many of you are reconsidering what you want to do career-wise and how you want to do it. It featured information on going to university, vocational higher qualification routes, getting a full time job, doing an apprenticeship and taking a gap year.


At number 7 was our feature on how UCAS works and how to apply. Covering key dates and deadlines, the tariff points system and how to gather extra UCAS points for your application, this was a popular one.

8. How To Change Course At College

Hopefully the popularity of this article didn’t mean that many of you were unhappy with the course that you were already on, but our feature on how to change your college course was again a popular one.


It’s good to see so many of you making use of the careerometer tool – the tool, driven by the LMI for all data that lets you compare the average wages and working hours of up to three jobs in England. You simply type in the first career that you think you might be interested in and select from the drop down list, then add your second and third choices to see the comparison

 10. Theatrical makeup careers

It seems that lots of you are interested in finding out how to become a theatrical makeup artist. We hope that you found what you needed in this article that covered everything from hair to gore and prosthetics for the theatre, film and TV industry.

Things are always changing and different points in the academic year bring different challenges and a need for different information, so it will be interesting to see what the top 10 careers advice articles are next month.

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Lynette is the publishing editor of Moving On magazine. Moving On is devoted to helping young people make good choices for their future – education, qualifications and careers. Moving On really wants to motivate you! Our articles cover a range of topics to inspire and give ideas. Our magazines are delivered free to all schools, colleges and sixth forms in England and is also available online.

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