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Studying for a job in automotive


The automotive industry is huge and there are many different careers and job roles within it. The career that you want will determine the training and qualifications that you need to study for a job in automotive.

Here are just a few of the options.

Learning and qualifications for a career in the automotive industry begin at entry level and go all the way up to degree level and beyond so, there really is an option to suit all learners.

If you have no qualifications

Entry level qualifications in automotive include the Entry Level Award and the Entry Level Diploma for the Introduction to Vehicle Technology. Entry level courses are suitable for anyone aged 14 – 19 and you don’t need any qualifications to do these courses and they can allow you to go on to do further courses at a higher level.

Vocational / technical courses

Technical qualification courses, which offer an alternative to academic ones such as GCSEs or A-levels, are available at different levels. There are courses in body repair and paint refinishing, light and heavy vehicle maintenance and motorcycle at levels one, two and three.

Apprenticeships for automotive

There are lots of apprenticeships available in automotive and engineering, ranging from level two, to degree level and these include apprenticeship roles such as mechatronics maintenance technician, product design and development technician and electrical/electronic technical support engineer, which is a degree apprenticeship.

Higher education for automotive

Beyond level three there are higher national certificates and diplomas (HNCs and HNDs) which can be a good route into employment. If you are sure that you want to go to university full time and gain a degree before you start your career in the automotive sector there are many to choose from including automotive engineering, automotive or product design, mechanical engineering and motorsport or automotive technology.

You’ll find foundation degree courses, bachelor’s degrees and master’s degrees in many automotive related subjects and if studying is your thing and you want to carry on beyond a bachelor’s degree you’ll find lots of specialist degrees such as robotics at master’s level.

Alternatively, if you want to develop further with an employer after you finish your degree you could look for a graduate scheme where you will have the opportunity to learn technical skills and to develop other work related skills.

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