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The Future Of Automotive

The future of automotive

There’s a revolution going on in car design and it’s called autonomous automotives. What does the future of automotive hold for vehicle design and manufacturing and what skills will you need? There are 3,000 UK companies involved in the automotive sector, working on everything from plant machinery to luxury cars and there’s a new kid on the horizon…the fully autonomous, ... Read More »

Motor Vehicle Technician In The Spotlight

Motor Vehicle Technician

Motor vehicle technicians service and repair cars, lorries, motorbikes and coaches. What would it be like to be a motor vehicle technician? As a motor vehicle technician you would be expected to identify any faults with the vehicle, calculate the repair costs, communicate these to the customer and carry out the repairs. The skills you’ll need As a motor vehicle ... Read More »

Careers In Automotive Engineering


Automotive engineering involves the research, design, development and manufacturing of vehicles. As an automotive engineer you would specialise and work on one part such as the exhaust system. What you would do as an automotive engineer will depend on the specialist area that you have. It could include using Computer-aided design (CAD), deciding on materials, problem solving, building prototypes or inspecting ... Read More »

Car Tuning Careers In Automotive

car tuning

Car tuning is a specialist job within the automotive industry – read on if you want to know more about this highly skilled job. Car tuning is the modification of a vehicle to improve its performance, often for races or exhibitions. Unlike regular mechanics, car tuners focus solely on adapting and developing vehicles through re-engineering, engine tuning and building or ... Read More »

Automotive Careers


We take a look at some of the automotive careers that you might want. The journey of a car, motorcycle or any other vehicle for that matter is a long one and it takes lots of different people working at different stages to complete that journey. This means that there are lots of job roles within the automotive industry, one ... Read More »

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