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STEM careers – let’s hear it for the girls – and for the boys, too!

Lucy Collins - STEM

The WISE Young Women’s Board’s Lucy Collins wants to encourage both males and females to choose STEM careers in science, technology, engineering and maths.

STEM professions

No other professions contribute more to society than those within science, technology and engineering – collectively known as STEM subjects. These professions change the world. These professions shape society. Let’s take a minute to think about this… Who is responsible for the roads, railways, bridges, planes and ships that connect you to the rest of the world? Who created the vaccines that stop you catching deadly diseases? Who designs the software and technology that allows you to make a purchase on Amazon using your mobile phone? Almost everything you see around you has been influenced by a STEM professional.

The future for STEM

Looking to the future, there are so many exciting challenges to overcome within the STEM fields such as curing cancer, coping with climate change, dealing with growing world population and finding solutions to the issue of the shortage of raw materials, to name just a few.

Choosing a STEM profession

We need people like you to help us solve these problems within the STEM sector! The UK Government have announced that we need 1.86 million more workers with engineering skills within the UK economy by 2020 – what a fantastic time to be thinking about your education and making the important decisions that will shape your future!

Opportunities for everyone in STEM

I hear about exciting new opportunities and reasons for pursuing a STEM career every day. Stem careers offer great opportunities not only for career progression, international travel and earning a competitive salary but also a chance to be at the forefront of technological innovation – and most importantly, the chance to change the world!

 About Lucy Collins

Lucy Collins is a naval architect for the Ministry of Defence. She is currently on secondment to University College, London, where she is completing a PhD specialising in submarine design. She is also the chair of the WISE Young Women’s Board – a unique, all-female board made up of women under 30, which advises the WISE campaign on how to promote women in science, technology and engineering in the UK. Their mission is to get 1 million more women in the UK STEM workforce.

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