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Would texts to your parents help you do better?

maths teacher

A study by Queen’s University, Belfast suggests that texting parents can boost pupil’s grades. Would texts to your parents help you do better? A programme, funded by the Education Endowment Foundation (EEF) that involved 15,697 pupils across 29 schools in England appears to have shown that there is a positive impact on both attainment and attendance. Boosting maths results with ... Read More »

STEM careers – let’s hear it for the girls – and for the boys, too!

Lucy Collins

The WISE Young Women’s Board’s Lucy Collins wants to encourage both males and females to choose STEM careers in science, technology, engineering and maths. STEM professions No other professions contribute more to society than those within science, technology and engineering – collectively known as STEM subjects. These professions change the world. These professions shape society. Let’s take a minute to ... Read More »

British Science Week 2016. Come on everybody, let’s celebrate science!

British science week

British Science Week 2016 is a cool programme of live science, technology, engineering and maths events run in schools and communities throughout the UK. British Science Week 2016 runs from the 11th-20th March this year and activity packs on how to take part are available on the British Science Week 2016 website. Things you can do during British Science Week 2016 include: ... Read More »

Maths careers – do the maths!

maths teacher

If you enjoy maths at school it makes sense to consider it as a serious degree option.  As a traditional, academic subject, maths is a really safe degree option, as many employers realise that if you’re good at this subject you’ll also be good at thinking things through and have analytical, problem-solving and organisational skills which can be applied to ... Read More »

My Son is a gifted teenager

My husband and I were very ordinary, hard-working people – I was a nurse and my husband worked in IT. When our second son was born I took time off to look after him. As he grew up, I enjoyed every minute of being a mum, doing all the usual things like going to playgroup, playing in the park, visiting ... Read More »

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