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Pre-order your FREE 2017 Results Day Guide Now


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Each year we produce our hugely successful results day guide. The guide covers everything that young people and their parents need to know including:

  • Surviving GCSE and A-level results day
  • going through clearing
  • academic, vocational and apprenticeship options
  • preparing for the first year at university
  • what to do if you think your results are wrong
  • what it would be like to work in a variety of roles across all industry areas.

We’ll be gathering the thoughts of experts from UCAS and within industry to bring you and young child / pupil the information that they need to make a decision about what they do next.

Young people tend to have a pretty good idea about how results day is going to go for them well before the day actually arrives. To help them think about their options and prepare in advance of  picking up their results, the Moving On 2017 Results Day Guide will be published on the 20th July.

To register to receive the 2017 Results Day Guide, simply complete the form  below and we’ll send you  the guide as soon as it’s published.

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