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It’s a whole new world of… surveying careers

surveying careers

Build a shining future for yourself and others! When you survey the career landscape, the possibilities in a surveying career stretch out forever. Talk about a great view…

Could you work in surveying?

What happens when your interest in geography or history combines with IT, maths, science and an understanding of what people need from the land they use? You might be thinking “that sounds like Minecraft” – and in some ways you’re close. However, these are the key ingredients going into the amazing world of surveying.

What is surveying?

In a nutshell: As a surveyor you’ll be dealing with construction, property, and land. You’ll use your skills and training to manage and look after it, work out its financial value or work out what would happen if it was changed.

Variety: Do you want a job with variety? You’ll be working with different buildings and land all the time. You could work on some really interesting ones, like a new stadium, a luxury skyscraper, or even a retail park.

Forward-thinking: Land and buildings are always changing, so you’ll always be learning new things. You might even get to use cutting edge technology, too. The use of 3D printing or virtual reality isn’t out of the question.

Salary and security: Business and property are two of the main industries which people use to check how well a country is doing in terms of economic success. A risk of over-population due to people living longer means that surveying is constantly in demand, as more and more people in the UK need somewhere to live. Surveying is a well-paid and respected career – especially once you get qualified as a chartered surveyor!

A passport to work anywhere: once you become chartered you have a globally recognised qualification that can help you plan homes in the UK, carry out disaster recovery after earthquakes or build Olympic stadiums in countries like Brazil.




You may not think surveying and blockbuster films go together but modern films rely a lot on accurate measurement for their virtual effects. From Harry Potter to Captain America, terrain and props on film sets need to be digitally mapped using top technology to help achieve mind-boggling visual effects.

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