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Interviewing Eliza

Interviewing Eliza

Sam Walpole tells Moving On magazine what it was like to interview singer-songwriter, Eliza Doolittle. 

By Sam Walpole

I wasn’t quite sure what to expect, driving down to London on a cold Monday morning, having been invited to do an interview with the chart frequenter Eliza Doolittle. Was she going to be a diva or was she going to be down to earth? Thankfully for me it was the latter. We arrived at her agency in London and were swiftly ushered into a private room, where the lovely Miss Caird (Eliza Doolittle) was waiting.

Naturally I was extremely nervous. I’d had no previous experience in interviewing and this felt like being thrown in at the deep end. After a couple minutes establishing an interview space, my tension began to ease, the cameras began to roll and so did my questions. Sensing my inexperience, she was very patient with me.

Interviewing Eliza picsHer enthusiasm for her music and the people around her was reflected in her long and often well thought out answers. When I asked the clichéd questions I was sure she’d heard plenty of times before, she was still animated with her answers. I asked if she’d had to make any sacrifices in her quest to be a professional singer-songwriter. She responded by saying she’d had to give up her other two creative passions – acting and dancing – to focus on music. However, you could tell by her contentedness that she regrets nothing.

Watching music videos at home on YouTube or on music channels, we forget that these talented individuals are also human, with passions. Ms Doolittle discussed her plan to go to Brighton that night, to play with Disclosure (she recently featured on one of their tracks) and how afterwards she’d be going out with friends.

As a fellow musician, seeing someone who’s had great success but who has stayed real and is genuinely passionate about their job has challenged my own prejudices about celebrities and chart artists and that’s a good feeling!

When our meeting with Eliza Doolittle had concluded I left her agency feeling uplifted, grateful and positive.  I’d learned so much about conducting an interview and the processes involved. The whole experience was not only inspiring – it was motivational. Meeting her showed me what is possible if you combine your talent and passion with dedication and hard work.

The opportunity for an ordinary A level student like me to meet a pop star like Eliza was a rare one and despite being nervous beforehand, I really enjoyed meeting Eliza Doolittle, conducting my first interview and acquiring a really useful new skill.

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