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I Want A Career In Journalism

career in journalismStudent and Moving On guest writer Becky Hart tells us how she became interested in, what she expects and what she is doing to develop a career in journalism.

As young people, leaving school is one of the most wonderful and significant achievements in our lives, when we are finally being granted the well-deserved freedom to take whichever pathway we desire. However, we are soon faced with a rather difficult but exciting challenge of choosing one career out of a potential of thousands.

career in journalism

Becky is in her second year at Bath Spa University, studying a BA Hons degree in Media Communications

Once we have selected a career, which can take months or even years, we tend to ask ourselves an overwhelming number of questions such as is this the right career for me? Will I be able to excel in this career? Am I good enough for this career? However, there is always one question which tends to stand out above the rest and this is, what actions do I need to take in order to achieve such a career?

Whilst at times this can be a very daunting scenario, rest assured that you are not alone in wondering about such things, as I too am currently going through such a process.

As a media communications student at university, there are various career pathways that I could follow once I graduate, however, I am particularly interested in the competitive and creative career of a magazine journalist. I have done my research and such a role consists of researching and writing about either a general topic or perhaps, a more specialist subject area depending on the genre of the magazine and the target audience. I might also be given the opportunity to conduct interviews, edit stories and attend seminars and conferences.

How I became interested in a career in journalism

I first became interested in magazine journalism when I wrote a website style article on gender issues for a university assignment. Although it may seem peculiar to some, I have always appreciated researching and writing essays. However, when given the chance to write in a more casual and chatty manner, I discovered that it was a writing style that I to both thoroughly enjoy and was good at.

What I expect from a career as a journalist

I expect that having a career in journalism will not always be easy or stress-free, despite the fact that I love writing so much. Rather, it will be challenging, competitive and sometimes even stressful. This doesn’t put me off though, it encourages me to push myself to take the necessary steps to, one day, achieve my dream of becoming a journalist

Pay expectations for a journalist

For magazine journalists entering the profession at graduate level typical starting salaries range from £15,000 to £26,000.


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