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How do I find a student summer holiday job?


Exams nearly over? Want some fun in the sun? If you’re looking for a holiday job during the summer break, check out these cool student holiday job options…

Home and away

There are lots of opportunities for 16-19 year olds to do short-term voluntary placement abroad in the summer holidays and many of our young contributors tell us about their experiences. People such as Eliza Harry have gained an awful lot through their volunteering experience in EthiopiaIt gives them the opportunity to go to places as diverse as Kenya and Vietnam, teaching or to help with agricultural or construction work. Although being paid to work over the summer is a plus, the good feeling gained by volunteering for a good cause and broadening your mind with travel will outweigh by far any money you’ll earn by doing a regular student holiday job. Volunteering abroad could give you some of the best moments of your life and will look great on your CV. 

There are lots of opportunities for summer holiday volunteering in this country too – go to Volunteering England’s website for more info.

Festival jobs

If you’re a big music fan or you fancy working at live outdoor events in your hols, check out your perfect summer holiday job with agencies like e4s and Festaff. These companies have lots of holiday jobs and work opportunities for students as summer festival helpers and volunteers.

Camp America

Camp America is one of the most popular holiday camps for young people and many British students (you have to be 18+ for this one) work for them as instructors or helpers during their summer holidays. Applications for Camp America 2015 closed on the 26th April but there is always the opportunity to get involved next year. Camp America gives you the opportunity to earn some money as you work but it’s not all about that, the experience you will have and the memories that will come from it will be treasured with you forever.

Internships and work experience

You could also use your summer holiday to do an internship or to get some really good work experience by securing yourself a holiday job in an area you think you’d like to work in, once you’ve finished school and which will help you to stand out from the crowd when you’re applying for jobs in the future. Make sure your CV is up to date and send it to relevant businesses with a covering letter.

Holiday rep jobs

Working abroad during the summer break is a great experience and hey, who wouldn’t want to have a holiday job where you get to earn some cash somewhere sunny?! Student finance advice website, Save the Student recommends holiday rep jobs. This is an exciting option for young people who are organised and outgoing and who love a bit of fun but this kind of work is only an option for those of you who are 18+. Holiday rep jobs can be found with big holiday companies such as Thomson and Thomas Cook, and I know for a fact that my sister had the best summer of her life when she worked in Greece as a holiday rep!

For other stories about holiday jobs, volunteering and gap years go to our dedicated web page.

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