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Career advice from Theo Paphitis – Importance of Employability Skills.

career advice from Theo Paphitis

Get some career advice from Theo Paphitis who talks about the importance of employability skills.

When should young people start learning about work and employability skills?

As young as possible!  At school is a great place to start discussing the workplace and the types of jobs young people might like to do and the employability skills they’ll need to do them.

Does work experience help young people gain employability skills?

Work experience is invaluable in introducing young people to their futures – it’s a different environment to anything they might experience in education and can open their eyes to the numerous possibilities out there, many of which they might not have considered.

Should young people assume that going to university and getting a degree will guarantee them employment when they graduate?

Definitely not!  There is so much more than a university degree that enables young people to get a good job these days. Employers are looking for more than just qualifications.

What employability skills do you look for on a young person’s CV?

That’s a tough one, as I’m looking for slightly different employability skills, depending on the job.  Overall I’m usually looking for someone who is keen to take responsibility for the role, passionate about the job they are going for and whose personality is going to fit into our organisation.  Even on a CV, most of these things come across.

What kind of things should young people take into consideration when thinking about their future career?

The career advice from Theo Paphitis is that young people need to try and think long and hard about their passion – is this really what they want to do?  If not, make a change! They are going to be doing it for a very long time, so it’s imperative that they enjoy it!

What challenges did you face when you started out and how did you overcome them?

I am dyslexic, which was a big challenge when I was at school particularly.  My main piece of advice would be to do your homework.  I know it sounds boring, but making sure you have all the information at your fingertips and knowing more than the next boy or girl, will give you a great advantage when you arrive in the business world!

What would you say are the benefits of apprenticeships to employers and to young people?

The benefits of apprenticeships are huge, both for the employers and the young people. Apprentices learn the skills that they need for the job, start earning and developing their career and employers get to develop their workforce in the way that they need to.


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