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How to find careers in sport

Careers in Sport

Careers in sport – behind every sporting event there’s an entire support industry – coaches, journalists, photographers, physiotherapists, match officials, nutritionists, therapists, marketers and administrators – all are extremely specialist roles and key to the smooth running of any sporting activity at an amateur, professional, local or global level.

That is where comes in. Careers in Sport founder, Harvey Grout offers insight to young people dreaming of a career in the sports and leisure industries and he set up the site to help students aged 14-19 years to find a non-competitive career path in sport and not necessarily one that’s limited coaching or teaching.

Competition to secure a career in the wider sports and related industries is as intense for young people as it is for top class athletes striving for a place on their country’s Olympic team. Usain Bolt might well be front and centre in the public eye but a whole army of people helped to get him there and yet more are helping to keep him in that position, directly and indirectly.

Careers in Sport’s goal is to educate young people about the kinds of careers that are available across all sporting disciplines and to help them find them their dream job.To achieve this, we’ve partnered with the likes of the Premier League, The FA, UK Sport, the RFU, the ECB, the Youth Sport Trust and Radio 5 Live, to highlight the breadth and depth of careers available and to offer young people a wealth of practical information on careers in many different sports.

Careers in Sport offers expert insight on specific roles, including detailed descriptions of a typical working day, what the job entails, the benefits and disadvantages of the profession, the qualifications and experience required and, of course, salary expectations.

Among the most popular non-coaching and non-teaching roles out there are in sports marketing, sports event management, sports ground keeping, sports journalism & media and sports science.

For students who want to pursue a career in coaching, we have detailed advice on coaching for rugby, football, extreme sports, physical education, skiing and more.

Competition for university places on specialist sports degree courses is as intense as ever – we work with universities that attract more than 300 applicants for courses with just a couple of dozen places – so it pays students of school age to start considering their options early.

Careers in sport logoCareers in Sport also host multiple National Sports Roadshow events on campuses around the UK, between December and March each year. They are free to attend and offer employers, trainers, students, careers advisors, professionals and people looking for a change in career with a great opportunity to interact with each other. For our 2015/16 calendar, we’re holding events in Cardiff, London, Worcester, Leeds, High Wycombe and Lincoln.

Put simply, Careers in Sport aims to provide anyone at school or university who’s dreaming of a job in the sport and leisure industries with the information they need to plan and establish their career.

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