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Finance, Banking and Accountancy careers, jobs and qualifications

Careers and jobs in finance, banking and accountancy are available in small and medium organisations, not just the big banks.

The range of jobs in the finance sector is huge – some will require university qualifications, others will not. There are both academic and vocational routes into careers in this field of work and you could choose to study for a vocational qualification at school or college, A-levels or to take the apprenticeship route.

Jobs in the finance, banking and accountancy sector

Types of jobs in this sector include accountants, treasurers, bankers, actuaries, financial advisers and analysts, financial traders, tax inspectors and stockbrokers. You could work for a private firm, in the public sector or be self-employed.


How to get into accountancy or law

There are a variety of routes available if you want to be an accountant or a lawyer. Find out how to get into accountancy or law here. Choices The choice is not limited to full time university study. There is a wide range of job roles available in both sectors. These range from entry level positions such as purchase ledger ... Read More »

Routes into finance – Apprenticeships versus Degrees

Moving On spoke found out about three young people’s routes into a finance career. One is an apprentice, one began her career in full time employment and the other is on a six-year school leaver programme to gain a paid-for degree. Amy Kirby is an investment manager’s assistant at Rathbones Investment Management in Liverpool. She is on an apprenticeship programme. ... Read More »

How to become a chartered accountant – careers and qualifications

Chartered Accountant

A chartered accountant does so much more than crunch numbers –  and they’re anything but boring! What is a chartered accountant? A chartered accountant is a professional whose job combines business skills with financial knowledge and know-how.  Chartered accountants work in all areas of business, big and small and in both the public and the private sectors. Have a look ... Read More »

How to become an accountant

top tips for saving

If you are still at school or college and you’re wondering how to become an accountant you can get the low down on different routes into an accountancy career right here. To become an accountant, you need to gain a formal qualification or a degree. While a university degree was once vital for a career in accountancy that is no ... Read More »

Intermediate apprenticeships in accounting

Wondering what to do after your GCSEs? Why not take a look at intermediate apprenticeships in accounting? You may think that you need to go to university to get into accounting, but that is no longer the case, as an apprenticeship is proving to be a great route into this career. In fact, an apprenticeship may be the best option ... Read More »

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