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Finance, Banking and Accountancy careers, jobs and qualifications

Careers and jobs in finance, banking and accountancy are available in small and medium organisations, not just the big banks.

The range of jobs in the finance sector is huge – some will require university qualifications, others will not. There are both academic and vocational routes into careers in this field of work and you could choose to study for a vocational qualification at school or college, A-levels or to take the apprenticeship route.

Jobs in the finance, banking and accountancy sector

Types of jobs in this sector include accountants, treasurers, bankers, actuaries, financial advisers and analysts, financial traders, tax inspectors and stockbrokers. You could work for a private firm, in the public sector or be self-employed.


What do accountants do?

Moving on provides an answer to the question – what do accountants do? Discover different accountancy roles and what they involve here.  The basic job of an accountant All accountants work with numbers surprisingly. They commonly work on statements of profit and loss and report on the financial health of the organisation or individual. They spot discrepancies, close financial loop ... Read More »

ICAEW Higher Apprenticeships in Accountancy: Assurance/Audit or Tax

Achieve your ambitions, work in any industry, anywhere in the world by becoming an ICAEW Chartered Accountant with our higher apprenticeship programme. If you don’t want to go to university, accountancy apprenticeships are a great way to get your career in accountancy, finance or business off the ground. Our Higher Apprenticeship will help you to kick-start your career while offering ... Read More »

Accountancy and finance careers – balance the books

stash some cash away

Accountancy and finance careers – find out which skills and qualifications you’ll need.  BY RUHI SINGHA You may be surprised to learn that you don’t have to be a maths genius to work in finance and accounting – basic numeracy, sharp computer skills and an eye for detail are just as important as being good at maths to succeed in ... Read More »

Finance and accounting careers

bank of mum and dad

Put your money on a finance and accounting career or cash in on jobs in banking and insurance. BY EMILY FROST There are currently two million people in the UK employed in the finance  and accounting sector with about 34,000 businesses providing financial services. There are the private, public and commercial sector jobs which can include financing in small businesses ... Read More »

Money talks

So you’re contemplating a career in accounting and finance? Here are the facts on finding your way into a financially rewarding career. BY JACK EVANS The entry requirements to study a degree in Accounting and Finance vary between universities but you will need at least 5 GSCEs at grades A*to C. The ideal combination of A-levels to maximise your chances ... Read More »

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