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2015 Careers Guide for School Leavers


In the Moving On 2015 Careers Guide for school leavers , you’ll find all the information you need to get you safely through A-level and GCSE results days. Subscribe to regular print issues of Moving On. Read More »

How do I find a student summer holiday job?


Exams nearly over? Want some fun in the sun? If you’re looking for a holiday job during the summer break, check out these cool student holiday job options… Home and away There are lots of opportunities for 16-19 year olds to do short-term voluntary placement abroad in the summer holidays and many of our young contributors tell us about their ... Read More »

What are good customer service skills?

Everyone has a pretty good idea what bad customer service is like – whether it is being ignored as you wait to buy a drink while the staff carry on chatting, a problem not being fixed efficiently, or even an employee being plain rude to you. However, not so many of us give a thought to what makes good customer ... Read More »

How to revise


How to revise for A-levels and GCSEs Put down that highlighter pen and download a flash card app!!! Kate Newton tells you how to revise and how not to. Sorry to have to say this, but the latest in-depth research on how to revise says that the best revision technique is – wait for it – to plan and start ... Read More »

Speculative letters – employability skills

Speculative letters - employability skills-01

If you are looking for a job, limiting your search to looking at the ads in your local paper or the newsagent’s window just won’t cut it! Whether you’re after a part time or weekend job or a full time holiday job, writing a speculative letter applying for a job in the shop, pub, restaurant or business you want to ... Read More »

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