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Fun this Summer!

Fun this summer

Summer is coming. We’ve got some great ideas for things to do – whether that pesky jet stream is kind to us or not! Is the jet stream broken? Read more about it on the Met Office News Blog: The UK’s wet summer, the jet stream and climate change Go to the Summer Science Exhibition 1 – 7 July 2013, ... Read More »

The ‘write’ way to make an impression

The write way to make an impression

Chances are your CV will ‘meet’ potential employers before you do, so make sure it’s a well-written read that they’ll never forget. By Francesca Moll Writing your CV (curriculum vitae) for the first time can be daunting, but it needn’t be. We’ve put some tips together to help you write a great CV and improve your chances of being employed. ... Read More »

Volunteer for a better future

Volunteer for a better future

By volunteering you will be donating some of your time to a worthy cause and you’ll be helping yourself as well as others. By Hetty Mosforth Government studies found 974,000 people aged 16-24 were unemployed in 2012. With employers focusing increasingly on ‘soft skills’ (positive character traits and the ability to work with others) it has never been more important ... Read More »

Tattoo worries


Could a tattoo stop you getting a job? Dear Annie, My girlfriend wants to pay for a full sleeve tattoo for my 21st birthday but my parents say it will put off potential employers. Do you think it will? Rory Hey Rory, Personal artwork is just that, personal to you and I would suggest that an employer will be looking ... Read More »

I am… here to help

I am here to help

Moving On caught up with The Skills Show’s Volunteer manager Miriam Farley to find out how volunteering can change people’s lives. For many students, finding a job is difficult without any previous experience – but how do you gain experience without getting a job? The solution could be volunteering, and if you’re interested in going into event management, construction, personnel ... Read More »

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