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Interview checklist

Interview Checklist

Do your homework! Being properly prepared for an interview and allowing yourself plenty of time to plan ahead will boost your confidence on the big day. Here’s our six point interview checklist to help you succeed.

By Kate Newton

Researchthe college, university or company you have applied to. Check out their website and give them a ring – an informal chat with someone working for the company or at the college won’t take long and will make the face-to-face experience less daunting. Find out the format of the interview – will it be one-to-one, a panel or a group?

Planyour journey! Work out the best way to travel to your interview and exactly how long it will take you to get there. Always arrive at least 15 minutes before the start of the interview. You could do a trial run if you have time!

Prepareyour paperwork, including your CV and a copy of the application form to take with you, in case you need to refer to it during the interview. Think up and print off some really good questions to ask – you will usually be asked if you have any, at the end of the interview.

Find outwhether the company or college has the specific facilities you’ll need – especially if you’re doing a presentation or have artwork to display and don’t forget to take your own equipment like computers, portfolios and any stationery you might need – to take notes, for instance.

Look upany common questions you might be asked and have a think about how you would answer them.  Most university websites have information about preparing for an interview with them – so get Googling! For more info on interview techniques visit our website:

Decidewhat you are going to wear and what kind of impression you want to give your interviewer. In a stressful situation, feeling confident about the way you look is important, whether you’re a trainee accountant or a flamboyant art student. Give it some thought: have a shower, wash your hair, dress appropriately.

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