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Automotive Industry Careers, Jobs and Qualifications

The automotive industry is HUGE! Automotive careers include engineering and design, manufacture and production, maintenance and repair and sales and marketing.

automotiveAs a major employer in this country, there are all sorts of job and careers available in the automotive industry for anyone with the right skills and qualifications. You could design Formula 1 cars, or work in a garage, fixing engines and bodywork. You could do sales in a luxury car showroom or race go-karts competitively. Even if cars aren’t  your big passion, the automotive industry has loads of exciting jobs on offer.

Why not consider a career in design or product development within the automotive industry? It’s not just the external car body that needs to be designed to perfection. Every last detail – right down to the door handles and the fabric on the seats – needs to be designed from scratch!

A job as an engine designer requires specific qualifications in mechanical engineering and would suit someone with an analytical mind. If you’re a mathematical whizzkid, analysing crash test data could be the dream automotive industry job for you!

The automotive industry is made up of many different businesses and companies, large and small, national and international. There are car manufacturers, parts manufacturers, importers and exporters, as well as small garages and workshops and car valeting companies, all of which offer  exciting career opportunities for the right people with the right skills and qualifications.

Entry requirements for jobs in the automotive industry vary, depending on which kind of job you’d like to do. You could go to your local FE College to do a qualification in car maintenance and repair. You could do an automotive apprenticeship, try for an internship with a big car manufacturer. Alternatively, you could do a degree in mechanical engineering at university.

Motorbike mechanic jobs

Motorbike mechanic jobs

If motorbikes are your thing, you’re good with your hands and you like problem-solving, a job in the automotive industry as a motorbike mechanic could be just up your street – or dirt track! A motorbike mechanic diagnoses, repairs or overhauls all makes of motorcycle including mopeds, scooters and dirt bikes.  There are lots of different job roles in this ... Read More »

Make and model

manufacturing in the UK

Fancy making or mending cars for a living? You could opt for a job in the motor manufacturing industry. Here’s some advice and information on automotive careers for school leavers. BY MELISSA SNOW Automotive engineer If you’re interested in the initial design and development of vehicles, automotive engineering could be for you. Automotive engineers design, develop, test and build various vehicles. ... Read More »

Automotive apprenticeships

With increases in university and tuition fees coupled with the growing tightness in the job market, many young people are choosing instead to focus on apprenticeships and work experience opportunities.  By Christian Judd An apprenticeship is a genuine job working for a real employer combined with practical training and theoretical knowledge, which aims to give experience and develop skills whilst ... Read More »

You can fix it!

Repairing motor vehicles takes real skill – someone needs to mend that dent, paint that scratch or sort out the cracked windscreen on Uncle Dave’s van. You could fix it! Yes you could! The automotive industry is a massive employer in the UK and as well as offering vehicle repair apprenticeships schemes it also employs young people from the age ... Read More »

My son did an apprenticeship later…

After leaving school following GCSEs, Tom took time to find his path. My son Tom was always a good lad, but when he was still young his Mum and I went through a divorce. Although he wanted to stay with me, his mother got custody. Sadly, at the age of 14, his Mum died and he came home to me. ... Read More »

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