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Why I Think An Apprenticeship Is A Great Option


This year Savers launched its first ever Apprentice Awards. We found out more about the winner, Whitney Eldred, who explained – why I think an apprenticeship is a great option for school or college leavers.

 You wouldn’t normally expect to go from trainee to supervisor in less than a year, but then Whitney Eldred is no normal trainee.

Awarded Savers’ Apprentice of the Year title this September, and already being trained up for a new managerial role, she demonstrates just what an apprenticeship programme – and a lot of hard work – can do for your career.

Before the apprenticeship I was working as a barmaid,” says Whitney. But after a few months, I looked into doing more work experience. That’s where my Savers journey began.”

whitney eldred

Whitney demonstrates just what an apprenticeship programme – and a lot of hard work – can do for your career

Whitney started as a retail trainee, through a scheme run by the job centre. During that time she heard about the opportunity in one of Savers’ stores and applied to become an apprentice. In January 2017 she will achieve her Retail Skills Level 2 Apprenticeship and she is already being trained up for a supervisory position, moving into the role after she completes her programme.

The wide range of training offered by Savers during her apprenticeship has already helped Whitney’s career. But it’s the teamwork side of the programme that she values the most.

Anyone thinking about doing an apprenticeship here should go for it: your Savers journey doesn’t have to stop at a sales assistant.”

Sue Renny, Apprenticeship Programme Manager for Savers, is extremely proud of Whitney’s achievements so far –

We selected Whitney as our overall winner as she clearly demonstrated to us what a difference joining Savers and the programme has made to her, not only from a work perspective, but also personally,” says Sue.

To go from Retail Trainee to Supervisor in under 12 months is a testament to her work ethic and we look forward to seeing Whitney’s confidence continue to grow and her career develop within Savers.”

For Whitney, this is just the beginning of her career journey,

When I consider where I was at the start of the year, with very little prospects, and compare it to where I am now, I’m incredibly proud.”

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