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Understanding The New UCAS Tariff System

UCAS tariff

If you are about to start looking at university courses then you’ll need to understand the new UCAS tariff system.

Grades or tariff points?

Some universities ask for specific grades but others will request tariff points and these have changed for the 2017 entry. The table below shows the tariff points for different grades achieved for A-levels and the most common diplomas.

Full A-level

Tariff points


Tariff points

BTEC Extended Diploma

Tariff points

BTEC Diploma

Tariff points

BTEC Subsidiary Diploma

Tariff points

A* 56 D*D*D* 168 D*D* 112 D* 56
A 48 A 20 D*D*D 160 D*D 104 D 48
B 40 B 16 D*DD 152 DD 96 M 32
C 32 C 12 DDD 144 DM 80 P 16
D 24 D 10 DDM 128 MM 64
E 16 E 6 DMM 112 MP 48
MMM 96 PP 32
MMP 80
MPP 64
PPP 48


University entry requirements

You need to be realistic when you are applying for university places. If you are predicted to achieve CCD at A-level this would give you 88 tariff points so you don’t want to apply only to universities that require tariff points of 144 because to meet this you would need to achieve a grade profile such as AAA, A*AB or A*A*C.

We haven’t covered the tariff points attached to every qualification here. If you want to find out what points are awarded for a different qualification to those shown above, visit and search for the tariff calculator.


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