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UCAS Clearing In Five Steps

Clearing is the way that universities fill any spaces that they have left on courses. Find out all about UCAS Clearing in Five steps, as well as how to go through the Adjustment process. Clearing opens on July 5th 2016, which is the results day for International Baccalaureate (IB) students and closes on September 30th 2016. What happens if I ... Read More »

What is a UCAS application, how does it work and when do I apply?

UCAS Application

UCAS – it’s not just a mysterious abbreviation! If you’re thinking about going to university, here we explain what the UCAS application process is all about, how to do it, and when. What does UCAS stand for? UCAS stands for University and Colleges Admissions Services and it’s the charitable organisation through which your applications to universities and most colleges of ... Read More »

UCAS – useful UCAS info

All you need to know about UCAS, the tariff points versus grades systems and key dates for applying to go to uni in 2015… UCAS is the body responsible for managing students’ applications to higher education courses in the UK. They process over two million applications for full time, undergraduate courses every year. Tariff points When you look at a ... Read More »

What is UCAS?

For those about to take the path to higher education, UCAS may seem like little more than a mysterious abbreviation. Here we explain what UCAS is, the processes involved, and the services they can provide for you. BY Charlotte O’Neill and Amy Kelly UCAS stands for Universities and Colleges Admissions Service. It is the organisation responsible for managing applications to ... Read More »

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