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Articles in Moving On Magazine about NVQs – National Vocational Qualifications – work based awards used in England, Wales and Northern Ireland that are achieved through training and assessment.

What You Need To Know About Vocational Qualifications

vocational qualifications

Vocational qualifications come in many shapes and sizes and they are offered at different levels. Is a vocational study route the best option for you? Vocational courses cover a huge variety of work-related subject areas – for example, instead of taking three A-levels, you might choose to take a Level 3 Diploma in Engineering or a Level 3 NVQ in ... Read More »

Engineering your future career

What is involved in an engineering career, anyway? A career in engineering can take you into the automotive, aerospace, and marine industries and more. So it’s not all about blue overalls and working on a factory floor, although it can be if that is what appeals to you. Engineering is the backbone of British industry – it’s where it all begins yet, for ... Read More »

Land-based careers

When it comes to growing a great career, opportunities in the land-based and environmental sector are ripe for the taking. BY Sam Pegg The land-based and environmental sector offers a refreshing and extensive range of job opportunities at all levels, from forestry (trees and timber) to floristry, agriculture to animal husbandry and environmental to equine care. You can read about ... Read More »

Apprenticeships – Alternative pathways into the career of your choice

vocational qualifications

Apprenticeships offer you alternative pathways into the career of your choice, if studying A-levels and going to university don’t appeal to you. With over 150,000 employers offering apprenticeships in more than 200,000 places in the UK, it is highly likely that you will find an apprenticeship to suit you. You earn wages while you learn valuable skills and around 85 ... Read More »

Jobs in the power industry

There are more jobs to be filled in the power industry as the demand for alternative, renewable energy sources increases…  BY EMILY FROST We live in a time where there is a greater need than ever to find ways of preserving our planet.  Because of this, the power industry needs to continue the development of environmentally friendly methods of producing ... Read More »

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