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Qualifying for a career in property

Your world is probably filled with GCSEs, BTECs and A-levels and you perhaps won’t be familiar with other types of qualifications and their importance to employment. Find out here about qualifying for a career in property.

Gaining a specific formal, regulated qualification can make you more employable. It can also qualify you for membership of particular professional associations, which can help you progress your career. You can pick up a copy of our Moving On Careers in Property special edition at the Skills Show 17 – 19 November – We’ll be in Hall 7, so pay us a visit.

What is a regulated professional qualification?

A regulated qualification is one that is reviewed, recognised and monitored by a regulatory body in order to make sure that it meets specific criteria and quality standards. These industry specific qualifications are recognised by employers as evidence of competency and standards associated with that sector; they are therefore often more meaningful to employers than other qualifications.

If you have been inspired to consider a career in property there are a number of regulated NFoPP qualifications available at a variety of levels.

Residential letting and property management qualifications

In the field of residential letting and property management NFoPP offer the Award in Introduction to Residential Property Management Practice, the Technical Award or Certificate in Residential Letting and Property Management, and the Technical Award in Residential Tenancy Deposit Protection and Management.

What you’ll learn

Modules cover general law; health, safety and security applied to residential letting and property management, legal aspects, customer service, office management and handling tenancy deposits as well as dispute resolution.

Sale of residential property qualifications

Qualifications available in the sale of residential property include the Award in Introduction to, Technical Award and Certificate in the Sale of Residential Property.

What you’ll learn

Modules include general law; health, safety and security in relation to the sale pf residential property, customer service, regulations and practice, building design and defects and office management.

Real property and chattels auctioneering qualifications

To develop a career in auctioneering you could study for the Technical Award in Real Property Auctioneering or the Technical Award in Chattels Auctioneering. Both are suitable for those who have some knowledge of auctioneering but perhaps hold no formal qualifications.

What you’ll learn

Modules include the law relating to chattels or real property auctioneering, health and safety, practice and procedures and property appraisal

Residential inventory management and practice qualifications

The NFoPP Level 3 Technical Award in Residential Inventory Management and Practice includes modules on general law; health, safety and security in relation to residential inventory management and practice, legal aspects and residential letting and inventory management and practice

Whichever property career pathway appeals to you, there is a specific, regulated qualification that could help you either get started or progress your career in the property sector.

For entry to the Level 4 Certificate in Residential Letting and Property Management and the Level 4 Certificate in the Sale of Residential Property you must first complete the relevant level 3 technical award.

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