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Oxford Interview What To Expect

 Oxford interview

If you win yourself an Oxford interview – congratulations.

First thing first though, before you can get an Oxford interview you have to apply. You will hopefully be aware that the deadline for applications is 6pm UK time on 15 October – so don’t miss this!

Oxford and Cambridge universities both have a very rigorous process for selecting candidates and it’s important to prepare well.

Below are some sample questions from Oxford for you to practise and they will give you an idea of what to expect when you get to interview.  The answers are not provided so as to give you an opportunity to really think about how you would go about answering these but you can follow the link provided to find out, from Oxford representatives, what kinds of responses they would expect.

Modern languages: What makes a novel or play ‘political’?

Medicine: About one in four deaths in the UK is due to some form of cancer, yet in the Philippines the figure is only around one in 10. What factors might underlie this difference?

PPE (and other philosophy courses): what exactly do you think is involved in blaming someone?

Maths: Imagine a ladder leaning against a vertical wall with its feet on the ground. The middle rung of the ladder has been painted a different colour on the side, so that we can see it when we look at the ladder from the side on. What shape does that middle rung trace out as the ladder falls to the floor?

Experimental psychology: A large study appears to show that older siblings consistently score more highly than younger siblings on IQ tests. Why would this be?

Biochemistry: Here is a list of three compounds, A, B and C. Which one is most soluble?

Biochemistry: Why do many animals have stripes?

Engineering: Place a 30cm ruler on top of one finger from each hand so that you have one finger at each end of the ruler, and the ruler is resting on your fingertips. What happens when you bring your fingers together?

English literature: Why do you think an English student might be interested in the fact that Coronation Street has been running for 50 years?

For the answers to questions and to find out more about the Oxford applications process visit Oxford University’s website.

If you are not an Oxbridge candidate but want to know more about applying to university, including the tariff system, attending Open Days and writing personal statements then go to our dedicated UCAS page.


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