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What does a beauty therapist do?

Beauty therapy is a thriving business area, with beauty therapists working on most towns and cities, but what does the work entail exactly?

Working in a salon, or on their own travelling to clients’ homes, beauty therapists can offer a wide range of beauty services, from nails to waxing, massage or make-up.

As a career, beauty therapy is not just about having the skills to do the job, but also requires you to be sociable and good at communicating, since you will be working closely with a variety of customers from all walks of life. In fact, a beauty therapist may need to know how to be tactful in delicate situations as they deal with clients, while also offering opinions and advice on treatments and services.

Ideally, when beginning your career as a beauty therapist, it is best to start work in a salon – even if you plan to one-day work on your own and go directly to the homes of your clients. This will give you the chance to learn the ropes with support around you, and without the need to carry your equipment with you from place-to-place.

Training is available in beauty therapy, with college courses leading to qualifications, while you can also learn the skills and get experience on-the-job with an apprenticeship. As beauty therapy continues to grow as a profession there are plenty of opportunities to get involved, starting on your local high street, before moving on to further opportunities and one-day maybe even opening a salon of your own!

Beauty therapy is a rewarding profession that is perfect for you if you are good with people and love everything from nails to make-up and more. The work can be hard, but there is a sense of reward for a job well done – and you could really make someone’s day with a great level of service too!

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