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Bloodhound Project – a supersonic boost for kids and the UK economy.

The Bloodhound project

Bloodhound Project director Richard Noble hopes that his supersonic scheme will inspire kids to invent and design new technology, to boost the UK’s economy. About Richard Noble and The Bloodhound Project Richard Noble hopes to drive his supersonic car, Bloodhound SSC, into the record books this year but he is also full of hope about another mission – to engage ... Read More »

Some great job prospects in the manufacturing industry

careers of the future

The UK manufacturing industry contributed £72 billion to the economy in 2013. It accounts for 4 per cent of total UK employment, employing 1.3 million in 2014. Find out about job prospects in the manufacturing industry. Although employment is expected to decline generally in manufacturing, advanced manufacturing, which makes up 23% of manufacturing enterprises is expected to see some growth ... Read More »

Jobs and careers in the UK manufacturing industry


The manufacturing industry in the UK is alive and well and the range of training opportunities, jobs and careers within the industry is well worth looking into… What is the manufacturing industry all about? Manufacturing is basically all about people and machines working together, to make and produce things on a large scale. It can also be the process of ... Read More »

Advanced apprenticeships in manufacturing

Don’t want to go to university or study full time, you can still get ahead and gain a great career with an Advanced Apprenticeship in manufacturing. Manufacturing may not be the first career that springs into your mind as you look for your next move, but it could take you to some exciting destinations – including work in the aerospace, ... Read More »

Is manufacturing a good career?

When young people think of a dream career, there probably aren’t too many that immediately think of getting into manufacturing. However, while it may not sound like the most exciting industry to work in, manufacturing can offer a surprisingly rewarding and challenging career. The problem is that when most people think of manufacturing they tend to think of lines of ... Read More »

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