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Bloodhound Project – a supersonic boost for kids and the UK economy.

The Bloodhound project

Bloodhound Project director Richard Noble hopes that his supersonic scheme will inspire kids to invent and design new technology, to boost the UK’s economy. About Richard Noble and The Bloodhound Project Richard Noble hopes to drive his supersonic car, Bloodhound SSC, into the record books this year but he is also full of hope about another mission – to engage ... Read More »

Going to university costs too much

A new study has revealed concerns over rising university costs by noting that fees at some universities could hit £10,000 per year by 2020. The Independent Commission on Fees has warned that the government should be “extremely wary” about increases or the removal of the cap on fees altogether. The study coincides with a report that that revealed 78% of ... Read More »

The Big One: College or Sixth Form?

Choosing between college or sixth form – I’ve got to say one thing, which is the most important thing I’ve learned by having to make this decision…beware people lie and over-exaggerate. When it came to choosing between college or sixth form I had teachers from my school telling me that the journey to college would take 2 hours each way, a ... Read More »

Understanding student loans

Don’t let the fear of debt put you off applying for Uni until you’ve done some in-depth research. Read on for our guide to student loans eligibility and entitlements. BY SUMMER SHUTTLEWOOD With universities now allowed to charge between £6,000 and £9,000 per year (nearly three times the fees charged in 2011), many students may be worried that they cannot ... Read More »

Social media at university

If you ‘like’ social media, you’ll love the career opportunities it presents, you might want to think about studying social media at university. BY JOHN MCPHERSON It seems like everyone and their dog has either a Twitter or Facebook account. But not many people realise that there are a growing number of employers actively looking for people who know how ... Read More »

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