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Parents – What You Need To Know About Careers

jobs in demand in the future

Research carried out last year by GTI Media revealed that 58% of parents surveyed had been asked for careers advice by their children and that 79% of these parents felt that their child did not have a clear idea of what they wanted to do in the future. So, parents – here’s what you need to know about careers. Parents ... Read More »

Career opportunities

What kind of career opportunities will exist in the future that perhaps do not now? Each year the UK Commission for Employment and Skills produce a report based on robust labour market information. This report highlights those job roles which are growth areas of employment and also touches on new careers which come into being because of social factors and ... Read More »

How do I get career advice?

Careers Advice

Getting career advice isn’t really as simple as speaking to one person. Neither is it about completing one activity which then tells you what job will suit you. Choosing a career for the future Choosing a career for your future requires a combination of advice and information which you will get from a variety of places.  A good place to ... Read More »

Can work experience determine your future career?

Graduate Megan Winter-Barker, sheds light on how work experience at Cornerstone publishing has determined her future career as an editor. Where do you go once your education has finished? As a recent graduate, this is a question that I and many of my friends have struggled with. Suddenly your years as a student have ended and you have your whole ... Read More »

Compare earnings, working hours and predicted job openings

Use this careerometer tool to compare the average earnings, working hours and predicted job openings. THE LMI for all careerometer allows you to compare one job with another.  For example blow you can see that careers in merchandising and window dressing are set to fall (perhaps because we shop online?)   To compare careers that you are considering,  simply type ... Read More »

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