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My Parents Are Causing Me Extra Exam Time Stress

results day 2016

Exams are stressful enough, with the pressure of revision added to the general stress caused by knowing you have the exams themselves to deal with. In situations like this it would be nice to have your family on your side, but a lot of teenagers are saying, help, my parents are causing me extra exam time stress. Recent studies have ... Read More »

Exam Stress – Find Out How To Cope With The Anxiety Caused By Revision

exam stress

Is exam stress freaking you out? Stop worrying and take some advice from someone who’s been through it – this is how Alice coped with her own exam stress. All too soon after the New Year celebrations I found myself facing mock exam  after mock exam. And soon after that, it was real exam after real exam.  The complete silence ... Read More »

Mock exams – revision and exam practice are important

had enough of school

The first week in December may mean that it is time to put up the Christmas decorations or crack on with buying gifts for loved-ones, but for students up and down the country it also means mock exams. Mock exams may seem like a distraction to many students but they play an important role in getting young people ready for ... Read More »

Improving the GCSE and A-level appeals process

The GCSE and A-level appeals process is set to see “significant improvements” according to Ofqual chief Glenys Stacey. She was speaking at a Commons Education Select Committee about proposals for a new appeals system to be announced later this month. Something certainly needs to be done as the number of appeals against exam results has increased year-on-year over the last ... Read More »

All change for G4SE as GCSE grading changes

If you are starting year 9 this September – get ready to see your results very differently. Students who begin their GCSE studies in English language, English literature and maths this September will be the first to open up their exam results in August 2017 and see a numerical grade between 9 and 1 rather than the traditional letter grading of ... Read More »

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