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Careers in the Armed Forces


Set your sights high and march into a career in the armed forces. Entry requirements for the Armed Forces The educational qualifications you need to join the armed forces are role dependent, but there are opportunities available whatever your academic background. The standard application process for the Royal Air Force, the Royal Navy, the Marines and the Army starts with ... Read More »

My Son is a soldier

My son was always an active little boy who loved playing outdoors with his friends. He was also a talented footballer and a member of our local athletics club. He was a kind and thoughtful boy too – always thinking of others and putting their needs before his own. He expressed an interest in joining the army in his early ... Read More »

Army Apprenticeships Get the All Clear

Government report supports an increase in apprenticeships with the Armed Forces but expresses concern about the age and literacy of troops. By Alex White An inquiry by the Defence Committee into the education and training of army recruits has concluded that the Army should continue to expand its apprenticeship programme to improve the employability of retired soldiers returning to civilian ... Read More »

Joining Forces

Becoming part of the Armed Forces not only opens up an array of career paths, but also opportunities to gain recognised qualifications. BY SAM PEGG In joining the UK’s Armed Forces, there are three main routes to go down: The Royal Air Force (RAF), Royal Navy and the Army. All are different but a question common to all is: can ... Read More »

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