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Archive of articles in Moving On Magazine about studying for A-levels, more formally known as GCE Advanced Levels. There are two kinds of A-levels:
– The standard qualification consists of two equally-weighted parts – the AS (assessed in the first year of study) and the A2 (second year of study). The AS can also be taken as a stand-alone qualification called an AS-level. Assessment is usually done by a combination of exam papers and coursework.
– The Applied A level (which is relatively new) still consists of the two parts of AS and A2 but the work is more focused on practical formats and is only available for more vocational subjects such as Art and Design, Health and Social Care, Business, ICT and Science.

Which A-levels offer the best choices at university?

When you are choosing which A-levels to study the chances are that your decision will be swayed by lots of things like whether you have studied the subject at GCSE and enjoyed it, whether you want to study a particular subject at university or simply whether you think that it sounds like something that you will enjoy studying. There are ... Read More »

A Levels GCSEs And BTECs What Do Employers Think?

vocational qualifications

Each year an annual survey of the perceptions of qualifications is undertaken. This tells us, amongst other things, as regards A Levels GCSEs and BTECs what do employers think? It is important to note that this survey gives us a good indication of the perception that people have about various qualifications and their value in terms of preparing young people ... Read More »

Industrial designer? What’s one of those and what’s the job all about?

industrial design

Ever wondered, ‘How was this object designed and made?’ If the answer is yes, why not have a look at what is involved in a career as an industrial designer. What does an industrial designer do? An industrial designer, also known as a product designer, researches, designs, invents and creates objects that are functional but which also have to be ... Read More »

A-Levels Redesigned To Better Prepare Students For University Study


  If you’re thinking about taking A-levels as your next step up the educational ladder, watch out for the changes in the way you’ll be tested and marked. The biggest single change to the way A-levels are graded is that the modular system introduced in 2000, which your older brothers and sisters would have studied under, is to be scrapped. ... Read More »

Bloodhound Project – a supersonic boost for kids and the UK economy.

The Bloodhound project

Bloodhound Project director Richard Noble hopes that his supersonic scheme will inspire kids to invent and design new technology, to boost the UK’s economy. About Richard Noble and The Bloodhound Project Richard Noble hopes to drive his supersonic car, Bloodhound SSC, into the record books this year but he is also full of hope about another mission – to engage ... Read More »

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