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Leisure, Sport, Travel and Tourism: careers, jobs and qualifications

People work in the leisure, sport, travel and tourism industries because they are passionate about sport or enjoy making other people happy.

Leisure and sport

Jobs and careers in the leisure and sport sector involve working in gyms, leisure centres, spas and health centres, schools, colleges and sports clubs, including premiership football clubs. You can also work in holiday camps or be part of a team running outdoor activities.There are many job opportunities available in stadiums, athletics clubs and major sports facilities too – there are hundreds of places devoted to sport and leisure, all around the country which need to be managed and maintained – you don’t necessarily have to be good at sport to work in this sector.

In the  leisure and sport industry, you could work as a gym instructor or personal trainer, a swimming teacher, a lifeguard, a yoga instructor, a spa manager, a beauty or massage therapist or an aromatherapist.

Jobs in leisure and sport require different levels of qualification and training – to teach a particular  leisure activity or sport you will need specific qualifications and training. If you want to be a PE teacher in a school or college you will have to have a degree and have completed some form of teacher training. If you want to manage a spa, a business qualification would be useful, as well as having experience of working in a similar environment.

Travel and tourism

Jobs and careers in the travel and tourism sector include working as a travel agent, a tour operator, a holiday rep, a hotel manager or an event organiser. You could be working in a theme park, a zoo or a major tourist attraction, like a castle or a museum or in a hotels or guest house. You could work for an airline as a pilot, a flight attendant or as ground staff in an airport. You could also work for the railways, for a coach company or on a cruise ship.

These Jobs Require A Passion For Sport

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The science of sport

exercise physiologist

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