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Health and Social Care: careers, jobs and qualifications

There are hundreds of different jobs roles in the health and social care sector and the NHS is one of its biggest employers.

There are also many privately run hospitals, clinics and health centres around the country which need all sorts of people, with all sorts of skills and qualifications to provide the medical care we all need from time to time, or on a regular basis.

Health and social care careers are not just about doctors and nurses, dentists and midwives, ambulance drivers and paramedics, physiotherapists, scientists and surgeons. There are thousands of other workers whose jobs are vitally important and whose work supports both medical staff and patients, to ensure that everything runs smoothly 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, in surgeries, hospitals and healthcare centres across the land. Without the skills of administrators and managers, IT and technical staff, carers, cleaners and catering staff, painters, decorators and gardeners, the job of saving lives and keeping us all healthy would be pretty much impossible, even for the best medical staff! None of these roles require any specific qualifications in medical or science related subjects but they are all a necessary part of the day-to-day running of the NHS and its hospitals.

There are various categories within the health and social care sector, the main headings being medicine and nursing, medical technology, alternative therapies, administrative, clerical and management, education and training and transport. There is a huge, A to Z list on the NHS website of all the jobs within these categories and many more besides, so if you think you’ve got what it takes and you want to make a real, practical difference to people’s lives and their health and well being, choosing a job at any level in the health and social care sector is a great place to start!


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