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Gaming Careers, Jobs and Qualifications

The gaming industry is thriving and there are creative as well as technical jobs within it.

gaming jobsIt might be that you love working with IT or it could be that you are an artist looking for a way to use your creative skills without being an independent ‘artist’.  Gaming involves working as a team. It requires designers, animators, programmers, sound engineers and coders to build a game, each playing their part.

You can check out different roles in gaming here. There is also quite a bit of cross-over between gaming and the pre-vizualisation / post-vizualisation industry, which involves working with film producers to create sequences in order to show what films or characters will look like and get projects ‘greenlit’ and many people who work in this field also create in game cinematics (cut-scenes).

Education and qualifications for gaming

When you have finished your GCSEs you could study for A-levels, perhaps in computing and art. Because the job roles in gaming are (at least in production of a game) hands on, a vocational qualification route can be a good choice. There are extended diplomas available in Art and Design, Engineering, Computing and Music Technology but also, specific games design / development qualifications where you will spend more time learning how to use  software like Maya and Pro-tools which are industry standard – from here you could look for full time employment, a trainee programme or go on to study for a degree in the subject.

There is also a creative apprenticeship route – the Creative and Digital Media apprenticeship and you could do this after your GCSEs or after your level 3 extended diploma / A-levels if you choose the higher apprenticeship route.

Gaming is a very exciting career, but as with any other – the competition can be fierce.  We recommend that you get in touch with companies and try to get some work experience and also that you start to build up a portfolio to show off your work as you go – both printed and also digital ‘bites’ to showcase your skills on sites like Hive and Linkedin.  Networking is important in this industry!


Game on!

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