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How do I get into leadership and management in social care?

social care

Leadership and management in social care is a great career to consider. If you don’t know anything about it, here’s an overview of the work you’d be doing. Leadership and management within the social care sector  Careers in health and social care can be incredibly rewarding. If you’re thinking about a career in leadership and management but you are also ... Read More »

Jobs and careers in the UK manufacturing industry


The manufacturing industry in the UK is alive and well and the range of training opportunities, jobs and careers within the industry is well worth looking into… What is the manufacturing industry all about? Manufacturing is basically all about people and machines working together, to make and produce things on a large scale. It can also be the process of ... Read More »

How do I become a marine engineer?

Marine Engineer

What better way to combine a love of the sea with a passion for engineering? Find out what it takes to be a marine engineer. What is a marine engineer? Being a marine engineer involves designing, building, servicing and repairing boats, ships, underwater crafts and offshore platforms and equipment.  You can work for private companies, the Ministry of Defence, the ... Read More »

Nicky Clarke Interview: a life in hairdressing


Over the last three decades, Nicky Clarke has cut, primped and preened the hair of some of the world’s most famous people and he’s gained celebrity status in his own right. He has worked with Penelope Cruz, Princess Diana and The Beatles to name but a few of his glamorous clients, proving that Nicky’s hairdressing career really has been a cut above ... Read More »

So you want get into photojournalism?


Photojournalists take pictures to illustrate newspaper and magazine articles. They tell stories in pictures and investigate and highlight the critical issues facing us and the world today by photographing real people, real stories and real life. Overview of photojournalism We are living in an age of where almost everything we do can be documented and shared around the world in ... Read More »

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