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Nicky Clarke Interview: a life in hairdressing


Over the last three decades, Nicky Clarke has cut, primped and preened the hair of some of the world’s most famous people and he’s gained celebrity status in his own right. He has worked with Penelope Cruz, Princess Diana and The Beatles to name but a few of his glamorous clients, proving that Nicky’s hairdressing career really has been a cut above ... Read More »

Start your own business

Dominic Nowell-Barnes is 25 and owner of the Dominic started the business seven years ago while he was still at school and it has since become one of the top ten online flooring retailers in the UK.  First steps My first taste of doing business and trading online came at the age of 13. I was lucky to be ... Read More »

Working in film distribution


Meet Jeremy Baum, head of theatrical sales for Icon Film Distribution, who told us all about what it’s like working in film distribution. Jeremy Baum is in charge of sales strategy at Icon Film Distribution. He’s the guy who gets films distributed around cinemas for you to see and enjoy and without people like Jeremy, films would get made but ... Read More »

There’s something about… Ben Stiller

Ben Stiller

Ben Stiller talks to Moving On about his new film, While We’re Young While We’re Young is a funny take on the differences— and similarities – between two couples who are a generation apart.  Ben Stiller told us about his involvement in Noah Baumbach’s latest offering. What appealed to you about the While We’re Young’s central dynamic – these two ... Read More »

Motorsport timekeeper Emily Billingham

Jobs in motorsport

As a timekeeper for Formula One Management Ltd., Emily Billingham works all over the world for the UK motorsport industry. Timekeeping is a really important element of motorsport events and Emily and her team are responsible for recording and monitoring data, timing car performances and logging competitors times and positions in a race. Using a variety of equipment from hand-held ... Read More »

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