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Scenic carpenter jobs in the theatre – how to get an apprenticeship

Scenic Carpenter

Over a thousand people work for the world-famous Royal Shakespeare Company and one of those people is Sam Reynolds, who works as a scenic carpenter in the RSC’s workshops in Stratford-upon-Avon, Warwickshire. Sam works as a scenic carpenter in the team which creates all the sets used in productions at the Royal Shakespeare Theatre and the Swan Theatre in Stratford ... Read More »

What is mechanical engineering?

We have the answers to your questions about qualifications and careers in mechanical engineering. BY LEE BELLINGHAM Combining maths, technology, business and management, Mechanical Engineering is perhaps one of the most diverse and exciting engineering disciplines. It is also has one of the highest graduate employment rates with 85 per cent of Mechanical Engineering graduates either landing a job within ... Read More »

What is chemical engineering?

Check out our guide to choosing a career in this fascinating field of science. BY JAMES CHURCHILL Chemical Engineering is a profession that many people aren’t aware of and so don’t immediately think about as a serious career option. However, it can be extremely rewarding work, especially if you enjoy maths and science. Chemical Engineers use their knowledge of chemistry ... Read More »

Engineering Apprenticeships – a guide

Are you bored with academic study? Don’t want to go to university? Do you like the idea of working with your hands to create or fix things? If so, an engineering apprenticeship could be right up your street!  BY Annie Dove The word ‘apprenticeship’ seems to be taboo with many people – parents in particular – who disregard apprenticeships because ... Read More »

Engineering your future career

What is involved in an engineering career, anyway? A career in engineering can take you into the automotive, aerospace, and marine industries and more. So it’s not all about blue overalls and working on a factory floor, although it can be if that is what appeals to you. Engineering is the backbone of British industry – it’s where it all begins yet, for ... Read More »

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