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Do I have to go to uni to get a degree?

Did you know that you don’t need to go to uni to get a degree? You can do it at your local college of further education – find out all about the benefits of further education here. You can study for all sorts of higher education qualifications at a college of further education, instead of going to university? You could ... Read More »

Harrow College – the right choice for your career

Harrow College

Choosing the right college is an important decision, especially as the jobs market for school and college leavers is so competitive. Harrow College ensures that its students are ahead of the rest which make this a great choice for you to consider. A general further education college, Harrow has developed its ethos and strategy over the last few years from ... Read More »

Cuts could close 40% of 6th form & further education colleges

The Labour Party have issued a warning that proposed government savings could lead to the closure of up to four in ten sixth-form and further education colleges in England. They warn that cuts to college budgets may leave many with no option but to close their doors. The comments come as members of the University and College Union strike over ... Read More »

The world of logistics

Have you ever thought about a career in logistics? Moving On gives you a glimpse into this fascinating industry which transports people, products and information to exactly the right places.  By Summer Shuttlewood Did you know that one in 12 people working in the UK is employed in logistics related careers? These jobs might be: delivering a famous singer’s equipment ... Read More »

Our Guide to Built Environment Careers

Everyone wants to make their mark on the world, but with a career in the Built Environment, this old saying can become a reality.  BY Lauren Hardy The Built Environment sector concerns itself with surroundings created for humans, and to be used by humans, and to be used for human activity, including roads, parks and communal spaces and hospitals. This ... Read More »

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