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Would texts to your parents help you do better?

A study by Queen’s University, Belfast suggests that texting parents can boost pupil’s grades. Would texts to your parents help you do better?

A programme, funded by the Education Endowment Foundation (EEF) that involved 15,697 pupils across 29 schools in England appears to have shown that there is a positive impact on both attainment and attendance.

Boosting maths results with texts to your parents

The programme showed that when schools texted parents with messages about homework and tests there was “an extremely small, positive, yet statistically significant impact” on maths, although it showed no significant improvement on English or science.

Reducing absenteeism

The programme also showed that using text messaging improved attendance and reduced absenteeism in pupils. Malcom Trobe, interim general secretary of the Association of Schools and College Leaders was really impressed with this and said that using text messaging was “a highly efficient way of communicating with parents”.

Would you do better if your school were to text your parents?

How would you feel about your school texting your parents? Do you think that it would help you if your parents were told if you missed a homework deadline or that you had a test coming up?

The idea is that parents, who are often very busy themselves and so don’t necessarily have time for lots of meetings face-to-face at the school would be able to get useful updates about important things when they need them. This means that they might be able to either make sure that you are doing your homework or help you with it, making sure that rather than you sitting in front of your computer screen watching your favourite DVD, you are getting on with your study so that you are well prepared to do well in tests and exams.

The texting system might also be used to tell parents about changes to qualifications to make sure that they are up to date and understand the,

Parents interfering – is it worth it?

Lots of young people don’t want their parents interfering. Sometimes this is because you like to get on with it yourself and take responsibility, at other times you probably just don’t want to be ‘nagged’ (probably every teenagers favourite interpretation of most of what parents say to them).

Might your parents interfering be worth it though if texts to your parents help you do better and it means that you might come away with a better grade in maths in particular?





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