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Working In Business Administration

All businesses need to operate smoothly, things need to be organised, done, monitored and recorded and this is the job of business administration staff.

Business administration is a broad term that refers to all the tasks that are completed within a business that ensure the business achieves its objectives; business administration staff are the people that make it happen.

There are lots of different job roles within business administration including admin assistant, office manager and personal assistant. It takes a lot of people to make an organisation run well and there are many different work activities involved in organising staff and resources.

Administration roles are varied, for example a college business administrator might be responsible for yearly cyclical processes such as student admissions and interviews, as well as having day-to-day duties such as budget forecasting and updating social media. Their role might also include making sure that cleaning and catering services are provided and that the building is properly managed.

What are the advantages?

The positive of working in business administration is that the day-to-day work is hugely varied, no two days will ever be the same. For example, in a school you could be chasing registers in the morning and attending a school swimming lesson in the afternoon. The enjoyable environment is another huge advantage, so make sure you choose an organisation that suits you, and you will want to support whether that be in the private or public administration

What skills do you need for a career in business administration?

Some key attributes necessary for a business admin role are: being friendly and flexible, having good communication skills, having good technological skills, or example using MS Office programs, being methodical and, most important of all, having commitment and motivation – these skills allow you to foresee tasks, and fulfil them to your best.

What qualifications can you get?

There are lots of different qualifications in business. Specifically, for business administration, there are vocational qualifications at levels 1 – 4 which suit the needs of learners at all levels. There are also degree courses available in business administration and apprenticeship opportunities too.

Less specifically, there are both vocational and academic qualifications in business studies, including A-levels.

Researched and written by Izzy Rolfe

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