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Work Experience – Why It’s So Important For My Future Career Prospects

Work Experience

Daniel Clark, Guest Editor of the April/May issue of Moving On magazine tells us why work experience is so important for him and his future career prospects.

My name is Daniel Vito Clark, I am 19 years old and I was born in Brussels, Belgium. My family is centred on living in and being a part of the EU. My dad is English and my mum is Italian and they both work in Brussels which is why I found myself studying at one of the four European schools in Belgium. It is a school which allowed me to do all of my studying in English, Italian and French.

Doing Work Experience At University

I studied English as my first language and I applied and was accepted to Cardiff University. Now I am over halfway through my second year studying Human Geography.

Human Geography is the analysis of the more social aspect of geography, concerning topics such as cultural, environmental, political, developmental or economic geography. It is an analysis of how people live within places and spaces through different aspects of life.

Right Now I’m Doing Work Experience

I have now started a two week work experience during my Easter break at Walpole Media Group during which time I shall be working in both London and Stratford upon-Avon.

What I Hope to Gain From My Work Experience

I’m hoping that it will give me some further insight into what publishing and journalism is all about. I am hoping to one day in the future incorporate my degree with a career in journalism so this is an ideal, very exciting as well as useful experience for me.

I have had plenty of varied work experiences and I find that you have to treat them as a form of trial and error of what you would potentially like to do in life. I have had awful jobs and others which I have quite enjoyed and which have helped guide me down the career route I foresee myself taking.

I am constantly striving to improve in all aspects of my work. However, I’m particularly hoping to progress in my written work, broaden my grasp of the English language and widen my understanding of journalism.

I aspire to be working out in the field. I want to be involved in the action wherever that may be. I want to travel and explore whilst learning about new cultures, ways of life and documenting them as I go along which I believe suits my personality and attitude towards life. There are certain things I would like to learn before I do. For example, I would like to learn more languages and more about something which fascinates me – film and cinematography.

I think that working abroad is essential to what I want to do. I think that I will be more believable if I have experienced events and places first hand. I have worked in four different countries in three different languages and I think that if an opportunity arises to explore and try something new it helps build you as an individual and gives you a wider range of opinions, understandings and methods of work.  As well as personal benefits that you can gain through work experience and volunteering,  I think it has made me a more rounded potential employee as well as hopefully one day, employer.

There are different ways and opportunities to get involved in working abroad, including volunteering abroad. I am not ignorant to the fact that I have been very privileged in finding and being offered the jobs I have had but there are opportunities for everyone. For example volunteering is something that can lead to working in lots of different and exciting places and then be free to draw your own conclusions on your experiences and grow from them.

I consider work experience to be a very useful way to understand the world of work. What is most important is to try and be involved in things that interest you because it is a commitment, and must be taken seriously.

Learn to make good contacts

To be involved with people who are experienced in something that interests you is an excellent way to learn and make contacts. I have worked for a couple of media companies, which I have really enjoyed and I have had jobs handing out flyers and chewing gum samples which I didn’t enjoy so much. All of the jobs I have been involved with I got into through personal contacts. It is important to use friends and family to see what they can offer.

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