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What shall I do over the summer?


Exams are over now and you will either be winding down ready to break up from school or college, or you will be leaving for good, you might be asking, what shall I do over the summer?

The summer can be so many different things – it can be a total break from learning, spent hangout out with your friends or sleeping the day away, it can be a chance to earn some serious cash, or it can be a time to learn some important skills.

What’s the best thing to do over the summer?

Sleeping all day probably sounds appealing, and there’s nothing wrong with a well-earned rest. It’s not really what you would honestly call a good use of time though. So, even though you might want to spend some time lazing around in your PJs in your typically darkened teenage bedroom, you’ll probably want to do something over the summer…eventually. Here are a few ideas –

Who needs a gap year when you can use your regular school holiday periods so well?

Getting a job over the summer

If it is hard cash that you are in need of then getting a job over the summer holiday where you can work more hours than you can manage when you’re at school is a good option. There are some restrictions on working hours and what you are allowed to be employed doing when you are a child under school leaving age so it’s worth finding out about these.

What kind of job could I do over the summer?

There are lots of seasonal jobs that come up, often big retailers need temporary staff to cover for full time employees who take summer holidays for example. Some other good places to look for summer work include leisure outlets, like bowling and the cinema which tend to get busy of the summer.

Use your skills to earn money over the summer

If you have done anything like your lifeguard’s certificate then use this to your advantage – often you can pick up work as a lifeguard or as a swimming instructor at your local leisure centre.

Over 18 and looking for summer work?

Some jobs require that you are over 18 before you can do them. For example most campsite jobs, particularly if they are abroad will ask that you be over 18.  If you are though, these offer a great way of catching some sun and earning some money over the summer (Don’t ask whether summer jobs in Europe campsites will still be a great option if the UK leaves the EU because we don’t know)

Develop some serious skills over the summer

Maybe you don’t want to sleep the days away, but perhaps you either don’t want to or can’t find a summer job. There is another option. You could develop some serious skills over the summer – often without even leaving the house.

Learn to code / HTML

Developing your technical skills is a great way of boosting your employability skills ready for the future. There are quite a lot of free, online tools that allow you to learn how to do things like HTML for website development.

Learn online marketing and communication skills

Communication is a soft skill that every single future employer is going to want you to have and it isn’t something that you can just say you can do. You could use some of your time over the summer to do something that you can use on your CV or in interviews to show employers that you have good communication skills.

Start a blog

What better way to develop both online skills in things like search engine optimisation and your communications skills than by starting a blog? This will be a great thing to do if you think that you might be interested in a career in marketing or social media in the future and it would give you some great evidence for future interviews and applications too.

Learn a language

Whether you have always wanted to be able to speak another language simply so that you can book a table or ask for a drink when you are on holiday, or whether you want to learn a language so that you are more employable in the future, the summer is a great time to crack on with it.

Learn an instrument

Learning to play an instrument isn’t just good fun. It also demonstrates dedication, commitment to learning and probably develops or evidences all sorts of other skills.

Read up on a topic

It might be that when you return to school, you will be moving on to A-levels or you are going to university maybe. Either way, it’s never too early to learn stuff – so use your time to read set texts, or to read around the subject.  I know that it sounds geeky, but actually, it’s more about ready the stuff while you have the time, which will make your life easier when you go back to school or move away to uni.

So, there you have it – just a few answers from us to the question of what shall I do over the summer?

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