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Top Tips For Results Day 2016

results day 2016

Whether you’re dreading your exam results or you’re excited about them, here are some top tips for results day 2016.

Exam results day is a big event, regardless of whether you’re getting GCSE or A-level results.  Avoid working yourself into a panic before the big day by following our top tips below.

Eat breakfast before getting your exam results

It may be the last thing you feel like doing but eating something will help calm your nerves.

Don’t go to get your exam results on your own

If you can, take a friend with you to pick up your results. Be careful not to get sucked into a joint ‘we’re doomed’ spiral of panic on your way there though. Try to keep each other positive and perhaps think twice about going with that person who cries if they get all A* except for that one A.

Have a plan for results day

Planning is all important. They say that most students know what kind of results they are going to get already.  If you have a sneaky feeling that you may not have done as well as you could have or that you’re going to do far better than anticipated, be prepared.  You need to know who to speak to and what your options are if you need to change your plans – so be ready!

Don’t assume anything

Don’t pick up your results and assume that you have missed out on your place at uni, in the sixth form, or at college. If your results aren’t quite what you were expecting, talk to someone at school or college about your situation and find out whether you can apply for a remark and if so, how you apply for a remark.

Need to change your study plans?

If you need a B in GCSE English to take certain A-levels and you pull a C grade, talk to someone. It may be that your other results are good enough for them to make an exception.

If your study plans for the next year need to change because you have not achieved the results that you need, it’s also worth finding out whether there is an alternative course or subject that you can study.

If you are picking up full A-level results and you have applied to uni, but your results are not quite what you needed, don’t assume that all is lost. Check on UCAS Track because you may find that you’ve still been offered a place.

Take a copy of your personal statement with you

If you do end up going through Clearing or Adjustment, the information from your personal statement will be a useful prompt for you.  You can use this to sell your skills to admissions staff at universities and it should prevent you from drawing a blank when asked any questions.

So, whatever you are expecting, or not expecting for that matter, on results day be prepared with our top tips for surviving results day 2016 and on A Level results day watch out for our A Level Results Day Q and A which will be live to answer all your questions.


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