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Top Five Subjects For Billionaires

top five subjects for billionaires

If money is what you are interested in then take a look at the following top five subjects for billionaires.   If you take a look at the top 100 billionaires, these are the subjects which produced the most of them.

We can’t promise that you will become massively rich, but here are the top five subjects for billionaires

In the number one slot is Engineering.  Of the top 100 billionaires 48 of them studied engineering.

Careers in engineering

According to up to date labour market information most areas of engineering are expected to have an increase in job opportunities between now and 2022. The only exceptions that we could find are IT engineers, telecommunications engineers, and air conditioning and refrigeration engineering roles, which are expected to reduce.

Only slightly behind the engineering graduate billionaires are those who studied business.  Of the top 100 billionaires 38 of them studied business.

Business Degrees

Business degrees are hugely varied, as are careers in business and in fact you can even combine business management study with engineering if you want to. It’s hard to provide a brief insight into expected employment trends for business, purely because the roles and careers are so varied. Let’s be honest though – as long as business exists, then so will the careers.  It is always worth thinking about new developments though and the driving forces behind business, such as concerns about the environment and social responsibility roles.

In third place in the billionaires ranking comes Economics.

Like business, the study of economics comes in many forms, it can be combined with other study, such as specific languages, with business studies or with political / policy studies.

What is economics?

The study of economics includes looking at those factors which influence income and wealth and is connected to many other subjects, including law, geography and psychology – it’s not simply about money.

The number of the top 100 billionaires who studied Law was 15, leaving Law in fourth place.

Law study isn’t just for lawyers

Not everyone who studies law wants to be a lawyer (a solicitor, barrister or chartered legal executive) and of course there are a massive variety of law degrees out there, for example: criminal law (for policing, not necessarily to be a lawyer), environmental law, European or international law, or law and psychology.

Careers in law

Legal careers are set to increase according to official labour market data and as an example, legal professional are estimated to have an average annual salary of £73,320.

Finally, at number five is the study of science which accounts for eight of the top 100 billionaires.

Careers in science

The study of science paves the way to so many scientific careers, whether you’re interested in working a crime scene, sports or cosmetic science.  STEM careers can be exciting and can offer the chance to really make a difference in the world, whether it is through research or application. And don’t forget – STEM study and careers are not just for boys.

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